Malaga Craft Beer

Dos cervezas, por favor!

Caña, corto, quinto, zurito, doble, pinta. How to order tap beer in Spain?

Ordering a beer in Spain isn’t as simple as “dos cervezas, por favor!”, because even the most popular “caña”, or “el quinto” serving (of around 200ml) is not the same across Spain, because in Madrid it is known as a “doble” instead. Furthermore, this double serving (of around 400 to 440 ml), can also also called a “cañón”.

Smaller beer servings are also served across Spain, know as “corto” (used across Castilla), “zurito” or “penalti” (in Aragon), and is commonly a serving of around 100 to 140ml.

Generally, a glass of beer, can go by the names “doble”, or “copa”, and generally measure around half a pint or 250ml.

Larger servings are a “tubo” (variable size), however, if a beer is served in a mug with a handle, then it is a “jarra”. Full servings of around 500ml are called “tanque”, or the more popular, “pinta”.

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