Quantum Mechanics, Outmeal Stout.

Dark stout, using Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malts, and top-fermented with ale yeasts.

Brewed a little slower with Crystal Malts and the addition of oatmeal achieves a smooth, dry, yet easy-drinking stout, which makes this stout perfectly sessionable!

Appearance: Black colour, cloudy with a tan head. Aroma: Smokey chocolate notes. Flavour: Caramel, coffee and bitter chocolate on the finish. Mouthfeel: Smooth medium-bodied, creamy texture, with moderate carbonation.

Food Pairings:Roasted foods; smoked foods; barbecue; salty foods; oysters; rich stews; braised dishes; desserts.

35 IBU | 4,2% | 330ml | Draft

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